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So much is left unsaid; so much untold. Because the story of my father, the late Dr Chan Onn Leng, will never end. His memory lives on with us. To quote his former ACS classmate, the late Robert Iau:

It was only an announcement, a photograph
A story from some unknown reporter
A familiar face looks out at us
A face that brought back floods of memories
A face that once touched our lives

We know him
We recall the days of glory
when he brought thousands to their feet
We recall the roar from ACS throats
As he bested the best

Onn Leng will be remembered
He was a friend whose friendship
transcended time and distance
His unique personality and style
Added a refreshing touch of colour
He never failed to live each moment to the full
His zest for life encompassed all who knew him

We shall remember him in the prime of his youth
And not in his parting
We shall remember him for his love of life
And not in its untimely end
We shall remember him for his laughter
And not the sadness of parting
We shall remember.

As Onn Leng goes to be with God
Let us be grateful
for his having lived
For Onn Leng will remain forever in our minds
As we think of glorious days
When we too were young.

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